Computer Repairs

LaptopCan I offer Computer Repairs?

The ability to do PC computer repairs depends on the availability of parts & in  this fast changing world these parts are available for shorter & shorter times. The average time that companies  keep stocks is now between 3 and 5 years.  Call me to discuss what can be done for you.


If you purchase a laptop you should take into account the speed at which technology changes. I give this advice as other than memory, hard disk, power supply, battery and software repairs there is not a great deal that can be fixed on an aging laptop. Generally speaking you’ll be hard pressed to get new parts for a broken laptop after 2 years and if you can they will probably be expensive. Laptops are one of the only purchases where I would advise taking up the manufacturers warranty if offered.



Desktops & Towers

Normal desktop / tower PCs, I stress normal as Dell for one do not make an industry standard case (again, take Dell up on their warranty offer), are much more repairable. Parts are usually easily sourced for 2-3 years and after that a major upgrade can be done and will probably still be cheaper than purchasing a new system.