PC Repairs


If you have any of the following, I have the solution!

pc repairs

  • You got a problem with your PC?
  • Have you previously had a less than satisfactory experience?
  • Been told: “You’ve got a Virus or Malware, it’s cheaper to get a new PC!”?
  • Had your system re-installed after your PC crashed and been told “We had to re-format your hard disk first so you’ve lost all your data”?
  • Does your PC refuse to boot up?
  • Has your internet and/or email stopped working?
  • Do think you have a Virus, Malware or Hardware problem?
  • Do you have a hard disk problem?
  • Have you accidentally deleted important files or photos?

Things that can affect the ability to easily resolve your problems

  • Leaving lost or deleted files for too long before trying to get them back. Your system will overwrite them
  • Leaving viruses or malware un-fixed can mean a complete re-install instead of a simple clean-up
  • Catastrophic hard disk failure can mean a total loss of data. “It’s when your hard disk fails not if” and specialist data recovery companies are expensive
  • No backup. I’ve seen tears in the eyes of a women whose only copies of her wedding photos were on a totally dead hard disk which would have cost about £1000 for a data recovery company to ATTEMPT to retrieve.

I’m not trying to frighten you but instead to stress that “Backing up your data is a much better option than paying to TRY to get it back”

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