Virus Removal

Virus, malware and spyware infections are unfortunately with us to stay. There are many hundreds of thousands and if you are connected to the world via the internet you WILL have cause to deal with them at some point.

It’s always better to prevent infection rather than cure it but sadly there will be times when the infection arrives before your security software company has released a cure or when your system has failed to update correctly. Always backup your important files as viruses can have serious consequences, sometimes involving a complete loss of data on your PC.

I will always try to remove or heal virus / malware problems but sometimes this is not feasible due to the depth of the infection.

Where it is not possible to satisfactorily remove or heal the infection the system data will be backed up to an external hard disk and the system and application software will be re-installed* and then the data restored from the backup.

*The original software and product keys MUST be available to enable this to be completed.