Adding Recording Set Top Box With Only One Cable

Do you want to record your favourite programmes from your UK Freesat but only have one cable from the satellite dish? Do you want it without damage to your decoration?

Fear not! We can now install a twin tuner receiver* utilising your existing cable with minimal disruption**.

Simply by adding a new LNB to the dish for the extra tuner and adding a special converter box at the dish and another behind the receiver, you can add a twin tuner (recordable) receiver* for those times when your viewing pleasure has to take second place.

Costs are comparable to those for installing an additional cable but without the mess!

* Customers own receiver

** Maximum cable length 30 metres

Example Installation

Item Description Price (new cable) Price (Stacker)
LNB New LNB with additional ports 25.00 25.00
Cable Cable and connectors (up to 30m) 20.00 8.00
Trunking 2 lengths trunking 5.00
Stacker Stacker / De-Stacker 97.00
Install Cable – 3.5hrs @ 40 € / hr 140.00
Install Stacker / Destacker & link cables – 1.5 hrs 60.00
Total 190.00 € 190.00 €