In order to view Sky you will require a satellite dish and Sky receiver at your home.

Sky TVTo receive Sky in France you will also need a larger satellite dish than you needed in the UK a new LNB and your Sky receiver with an *active subscription card.

Sky HD boxes have a built in hard drive and two tuners which not only allow you to pause and rewind live TV, but also to record and store over a hundred hours of programmes which will revolutionize the way you watch TV forever.

The limitation of this set up is that just one Sky channel can be viewed at a time, but by using an infrared sensor at each TV, full control of the Sky box can be achieved from any room.

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*If you don’t have an active subscription card you can still receive UK Freesat channels on your Sky, SkyHD or Sky+ box (though your SkyHD or Sky+ box will not record).