Facebook Foibles

By | 02/08/2012

Getting around the set up of  Facebook can be a bit of a chore. Yesterday I was trying to set up an app to send WordPress blog posts to a new Facebook page. When I tried to create the new page I was presented with an error headed ‘Invalid Name’. After several hours punting around Google and Facebook help and finally creating the page manually I found that the problem was to do with capitalisation of the page name, i.e. Facebook insisted on using ‘It’ instead of  ‘IT’ in ‘The English IT Guy’ even though they stipulate that they allow capitalisation of acronyms. Gosh, how long has the world substituted IT for Information Technology?

One thought on “Facebook Foibles

  1. davepilcher51

    Forgot to say that the workaround is to add or edit the page name as Facebook wants it, save it and then go back in and edit it.


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