Satellite Dish Setup


satellite dish setupIf you have any of the following, I have the solution!

  • Can’t get English programmes
  • Some channels are missing
  • Poor signal quality
  • Picture breakup
  • No signal when it rains

picture-breakup satellite dish setup
no-satellite-signal satellite dish setup
satellite dish setup

These satellites are about 22,500 miles (36,000 kms) above the earth and so the dish needs to be up to the job and pointing in EXACTLY the right direction to pick up a good signal which incidentally is sent from the satellite using about the same power as a 60watt light-bulb.

So here’s what you need:

  • A dish that’s big enough for the area you live in (this may need to be bigger now because the newer satellites target the UK more efficiently and so the signal in France is weaker)
  • A dish that’s not distorted (over zealous dish alignment, storm damage)
  • An LNB that’s working properly (the LNB’s the bit that points at the dish with the cable connected to it). Even if it’s working properly it may be old and a new one could work more efficiently
  • Good cable between the LNB and your satellite receiver (cable doesn’t last for ever, 5-10yrs dependant on quality). Also the LNB end of the cable may suffer from the ingress of moisture if not sealed properly
  • May need a signal amplifier if the  cable length is long
  • Because the signals you’re receiving are now weaker the  alignment of the dish is even more critical

We have professional alignment equipment for both digital satellite dish setup and digital terrestrial TV.

Satellite-meter-Satlink-WS-6979 Satellite-meter-channel-view Satellite-meter-channel-info
Satellite-meter-signal-strength Satellite-meter-constellation-matrix Satellite-meter-spectrum-analyser

We are happy to carry out re-alignment or installation of equipment supplied by us. We will also install equipment provided by the customer subject to suitability.