Home Network Setup

The Future of Your Home Network

Gone are the days of your home network just linking your computers together and providing everybody with an internet service. With Sat>IP you can now feed up to 4 devices with satellite TV over your home network via cable, WiFi or Power-Line network connectors. So you can view satellite TV on your PC, tablet, smartphone or TV, each with control of their own programme content.

Your Home Network Setup – Choice or Requirement?

Home network setup, the rule rather than the exception! In France all new build homes and complete re-wires must provide for network, telephone and TV points, according to NF-C15 100 (the French wiring regulations), as follows:

Telephone / Network (prises de communication)

  • Lounge (Salon)
  • Dining room (Salle à manger)
  • Bedrooms (Chambres)
  • Study / Office (Bureau)
  • Kitchen (Cuisine)
  • Etc.

Minimum 2 (for a small apartment for instance)