Got French TNTsat and want UK Freesat?

You may be able to use the same decoder for UK TV! Most TNTsat decoders can be used to receive UK Freesat channels as well. We can add an additional LNB (the bit that points at the dish) on a bracket and a special switch to combine the two satellite signals, align the primary bearing… Read More »

Got UK Freesat and want to add French TV?

You don’t need two dishes! If you have a standard dish receiving UK Freesat you can have French TV via TNTsat from Astra 19.2E just by the addition of a second LNB (the bit that points at the dish) on a bracket, an additional cable and a TNTsat decoder.

Size Doesn’t Always Matter!

Dish size in the Dordogne, Charente and Limousin New to France and want UK TV? Don’t be fooled into thinking that you need a massive dish in the Dordogne, Charente or Limousin to receive UK Freesat. You can happily use a 60cm dish (Not a Sky Mini_dish). In fact a bigger dish is often more… Read More »

Tooway Konnect

Great News! Tooway have opened their doors to domestic customers again with a selection of packages called Tooway Konnect. Offering 15Mbps download & 3Mbps upload with monthly data limits of 10, 20, 30, 60, 75, 150GB. You buy the equipment and pay a one-off connection fee. All packages come with a UK IP address as… Read More »

Satellite TV cable damage

Satellite TV cable damage may only be seen in the quality of your picture. If water/dampness gets into the cable via the satellite dish connection then you will almost certainly see degradation or even complete loss of picture. I recently replaced mine and the signal quality on the Sky Digibox went from about 40% to… Read More »

Setting up a Home Network

In France all new build homes and complete re-wires must provide for network, telephone and TV points, according to the French electrical regulations, NF-C15  100. Even if you are not required to install a full system in your home under these requirements, setting up a home network may still be worthwhile doing for the following… Read More »

Astra 2 Satellite Changes Causing Problems in France

Are you experiencing problems with your satellite TV reception since early this year? Does rain or bad weather in general affect what channels you receive or does it stop you from receiving anything at all? Some Astra 2 satellite  have been replaced and new technology has allowed the owners to more effectively target the UK… Read More »