Size Doesn’t Always Matter!

Dish size in the Dordogne, Charente and Limousin New to France and want UK TV? Don’t be fooled into thinking that you need a massive dish in the Dordogne, Charente or Limousin to receive UK Freesat. You can happily use… Read More »

Tooway Konnect

Great News! Tooway have opened their doors to domestic customers again with a selection of packages called Tooway Konnect. Offering 15Mbps download & 3Mbps upload with monthly data limits of 10, 20, 30, 60, 75, 150GB. You buy the equipment… Read More »

Satellite TV cable damage

Satellite TV cable damage may only be seen in the quality of your picture. If water/dampness gets into the cable via the satellite dish connection then you will almost certainly see degradation or even complete loss of picture. I recently… Read More »

Setting up a Home Network

In France all new build homes and complete re-wires must provide for network, telephone and TV points, according to the French electrical regulations, NF-C15  100. Even if you are not required to install a full system in your home under… Read More »