Astra 2 Satellite Changes Causing Problems in France

By | 27/09/2014

Are you experiencing problems with your satellite TV reception since early this year?

Does rain or bad weather in general affect what channels you receive or does it stop you from receiving anything at all?

Some Astra 2 satellite  have been replaced and new technology has allowed the owners to more effectively target the UK so they have better reception whilst we in France have a weaker signal. This means that if your system is not set up correctly or you have a small fault then you may be experiencing the problems detailed above.

If you are then why not let me assess your problem and see if I can take away your frustration at not being able to watch your favourite ‘soap’ because it’s raining again or it’s windy?

One thought on “Astra 2 Satellite Changes Causing Problems in France

  1. Walter Cherry

    We have this problem with the changes in transmission,can’t get bbc 2 plus others at the moment.


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