Satellite TV cable damage

By | 06/07/2015

Satellite TV cable damage may only be seen in the quality of your picture. If water/dampness gets into the cable via the satellite dish connection then you will almost certainly see degradation or even complete loss of picture. I recently replaced mine and the signal quality on the Sky Digibox went from about 40% to around 75%. The problem first showed itself in wind and rain where I would lose some channels immediately but if the rain persisted I would experience total signal loss.

On inspecting the cable at least two metres of cable at the dish end had corroded due to moisture.

Also a customer recently called to say that her picture had disappeared completely. I found the the connection at the dish was completely eaten away. Luckily there was a lot of slack cable so I was able to cut out the damaged section and re-make the connection. Her picture was “better than it’s been for months”, she said.

Satellite TV cable damage repair or replacement

Given that cable is only expected to last between 5 and 10 years (dependent on initial quality) it may be worth having yours replaced.

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